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An idea that lead to a conversation about candy and how as a child, candy seemed to taste so much better. Really disappointed in hard candy that is typically available , we as a family decided to see if we could make something better. Our conversations determined the biggest problem with candy is that it tastes like sugar and a little bit of flavor that really just doesn't hit the mark. We started experimenting with candy in our home kitchen to see if we could make something appealing to our tastes but more importantly to other adults. After testing 6 manufacturers of flavour extracts, 5 different coloring manufacturers, 6 months of solid testing and experiments and 32 recipes later we have a candy that adults most often describe as "Wow!" We opened our commercial kitchen in June of 2017 and debuted our candy at a summer festival, we had 12 flavours mixed in a bag of candy and lollipops in each of the flavours. Our response was incredible, and people who purchased from us early in the day came back for more, describing how wonderful it tasted. We really didn't know what to expect when we started that day, but by the end of it we had so much positive feed back that completely blew us away, that we knew we had a business that was unique and wonderful and put smiles on so many faces. Since that first market, we have developed other candy using that same recipe and bold flavours that got us started and we continue to surprise people every time they try it. We now offer 15 bold flavors of Cushion Candies, Lollipops, Twist sticks, Candy Canes in Cherry, Tropical Fruit, Peach, Blue Raspberry, Orange, Lemonade, Strawberry, Key Lime, Pina Colada, Vanilla, Creme de Mint, Peppermint, Wintergreen, Root Beer and Licorice. As well as Cotton Candy Floss Sugar in Cherry, Tropical Fruit, Peach, and Blue Raspberry.We are a small family business striving to make the best candy you have ever tasted and we are succeeding one piece of candy at a time!

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Sweet Hard Candy at Calgary Maker Faire

Sweet Hard Candy at Calgary Maker Faire

Posted by Maker Faire on Saturday, October 28, 2017

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